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How do you keep Wrinkles Away

How do you keep Wrinkles Away?

You can treat aging and associated symptoms like wrinkles in different ways according to your age. Yes we say, you fight wrinkles till it vanishes from your life altogether. When you are still in your 20s and when you see the starting of wrinkles, then the best remedy is sun block. In your 20s, the skin is going to regenerate pretty fast by itself, and the regular use of a quality sun screen will prevent your skin from further damage. It will be a good idea to use an alpha hydroxy acid product, as it will fasten the removal of dead cells and will give you fresh, clearer, smoother skin.

Once you start seeing a few more wrinkles and lines on your face when you get in to your thirties assume it is time to fight wrinkles seriously, then you can try retinol products and prescription retinoids, like Retin-A or the one which can moisturize a lot more namely Renova. Either one of these products can even out the lines on your face and increase the collagen production. FDA has recognized only Renova as a product which can reduce the wrinkles on your face. When your skin starts to become drier, then the use of a good moisturizer will help skin to stay hydrated and to reduce the visibility of the wrinkles. They will not make the wrinkles disappear altogether.

Once you hit the forties, then the wrinkles will start to become more prominent and it is time to get help from your dermatologist and follow her prescription of skin care routine to fight wrinkles. She may have a bunch of chemical peels available with her. Peels are available in different strengths in order to tackle different kinds of age spots and wrinkles. If you apply smooth glycolic acid based peels, once every month for a few months, it will help in smoothening some of the fine facial lines, lightening brown spots, and in bringing the overall skin tone to a uniform level. Peels do not work much on deep wrinkles.

You can use TCA or trichloracetic acid peels to fight deeper wrinkles. They are a bit more stronger. You can use them at different strengths and will cause your skin to stay red for a few days after the treatment. Phenol peels are used as the last resort to tackle the worst discolorations. The negative property of phenol peels are that they may make your skin permanently lighter. When you compare the risk factors involved between phenol peels and gentle ones, the former has a lot more risks involved.

For the treatment of the worst wrinkling scenario, you may use laser peels. All you need is a single treatment of this one. Laser peel can be done instead of face lift, provided you have significant damages you want to take care of. Only an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon can perform this procedure. The draw backs include redness and peeling on your skin for a week or so.