Singer Are Also Following The Trend: Plastic Surgery

Beauty standards are set so high up that to achieve those make up is not enough people have to go under the knife. This trend was started by actor and actresses and now the singers are also following it. After all they also have to present themselves in front of their fans. A new singer added to this list is none other than Lady Gaga. Though the singer as others didn’t accepted it openly but her pictures are telling a different story click here to read more.

Lady Gaga’s journey:

She was born in 1986 and named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She is an American singer, songwriter and actress, best known for her hit songs and iconic outfits. She have a lot of awards under her name but all these are not enough to make her satisfied. She was not happy with the tiny bump on her nose which she apparently got removed by a surgery.

Are the surgeries just a rumor?

Only the nose job of Lady Gaga seems to be somewhat genuine. There are a lot of rumors about she having a facelift, using botox injections, having breast implants and even about getting hip augmentation don’t seem to be true. Though the fans and even the surgeons say that her lips, breasts and hips have increased in size and have become a bit unusual but all of that can be achieved by using make up or wearing particular under garments. If you are really interested in knowing about her surgeries you can click here to read more.