Dirty Talk Examples

If you want to spice up your relationship, then you should get a little naughty with your guy.  You can start with the dirty talk and if you have no idea then how to talk dirty to a guy? Well, it’s not a big deal and you might have done this intentionally or in intentionally with your partner.  Here are some of the dirty talk examples that you can use

  • I want to you so badly
  • You make me wet
  • Take me to the seventh sky
  • Your piece is sooo big
  • Penetrate me harder
  • Go deeper
  • Your touch is so mesmerizing
  • I need you so bad
  • Please don’t stop
  • Kiss me all over
  • I want you to crush me, love me
  • Spank me harder
  • Get ready for the best sex ever
  • I like licking you all over
  • You are so hard, so big
  • Take me now

No one will be able to teach you how to talk like this to your guy. It will be better if it is going to be natural.  The more you are going to feel the more will come out of your mouth.